22 tomorrow!

I showered today. I only shower every 2nd day, because really I quite hate showering. it’s such a bother. I do have to wash my hair every day though because since I shaved the rest of my head my fringe seems to get greasy faster, so I usually wash it over the sink. anyway. I watched Powder today, which I love but makes me so very sad, so I don’t watch it often. am I the only person who watches movies over & over, reads books over & over, forever?

it was my day off but I went to uni anyway to work on the group assignment. only one girl was there today so we did the results section together (two of the answers in yesterday’s link were wrong; can you pick them?). she now thinks i’m simply fascinating because I have a business and have been married & am only 21.
22 tomorrow!
but I think, believe it or not, that i’m actually making friends out of the girls in this group! how odd! I had coffee with them! (well, I had lemonade. they had coffee.)

whilst waiting at the bus stop a funny little old man got off one of the buses & wandered around for a bit. I ignored him until I heard a girl giving him directions to the campus shopping centre, across the highway.. he’d gotten off at the wrong stop. I told him to wait five minutes for the next bus & they’d take him back there for free. he said thanks! & then asked me what I was studying, & when I told him psychology, he didn’t know what it was! that’s how old he was. he drooled & had cataracts, & told me to invest in diamonds rather than gold. what a funny man. since I was catching the same bus I told the bus driver his dilemma and pressed the button for him & he talked to me all the way.

I checked my po box and had ebay things! a multi-media card for my camera, and Five on a Treasure Island by Enid Blyton! I am 7years old. then I had lunch at 3. if I have breakfast I don’t get lunch-hungry ’til 3, then tea-hungry ’til about 1am. if I don’t have breakfast I get lunch-hungry at about 11, tea-hungry at 8 (which is normal tea-time). I think i’ll go back to not having breakfast. i’m not the 3meal-a-day type.