a pimp & a prostitute too

now my weekend is half over! but soon it will be holidays. I am so worn, drawn & exhausted all the time, & thinking of everything i’ve yet to do. today I moved 30 accounts from 3 small servers to one great big new one, which was a long & horrid job. then I designed a mock for citylife magazine, which is based on an old unpuppet design! but different. i’ve still to do another one, & i’ve already got the basic idea of it, i’m scanning the logo for it right now. it’s at 61%, & is taking a while because i’m scanning it so big.

what else? I rewrote my notes for my last stats lecture into neatness. I walked the dogs, & got a prickle in my foot & a billion grass seeds in my skirt. I watched Ed & I do have a crush on him. I received a birthday card from my dad?

i’ve found that if I end my sentences upwards, as though they are questions, when they actually aren’t, people very often say “what?” despite having heard me. i’ve been testing it.

otherwise. generally down. nothing to say.