today went fast! I had a tutorial at 10. the tutor gave us each either a 1 or a 2 (I was a 1) & said “all 1s go out onto the balcony for a few minutes.” so we trooped out there & chattered about exams & stuff. then she came out & said “who’s feeling positive today?” & 6 people raised their hands (out of 10) (I didn’t raise mine). we went back inside & she said to the 2s “who’s feeling positive today?” & they all raised their hands. & do you know why? ’cause she told everyone to shake each other’s hand & say “I wish you health & happiness.” how unfair! I want health & happiness, too, damnit!

after that I went to meet Georgia at a cafe. & hurrah! it was simply awesomely. I got there first & was reading with an orange juice when I heard a “hi!” & she just sat down, smiling. she’s exactly the same, but with shorter hair. darling girl. I wasn’t an idiot at all, & it was only slightly awkward. after lunch we went shopping, I posted a boxx of lovelie stuff to a lovelie person, & then she had to go ride horses & I had a lecture on.. abnormal psychology! yay! i’d been waiting all semester for it.