Go, Anna

oh, today was Sunday, & I had to have some work on my stats project done by Monday. So I was all set to do it today, but then I realised I couldn’t do it because I needed a program that is on the computers at uni! So I went to the library from 2-5, because it was only open from 1-5. & there was hardly anyone there, ’cause it was a Sunday, &! I saw the hugest goanna on the bridge across the creek going up to the library. It ran away from me & finally jumped off the bridge it was so scared, but it was huge. I was scared of it, but still took some pictures of it, but no good ones because it was running away the whole time.

I stopped at Smithfield on the way home. every time I cross the road there, I remember how my mother fell so heavily on her face. it makes me so very uncomfortable to think about, because she has so much dignity, and it all fled with the blood pouring off her face & the one sob she let escape. such small things affect me so very much where a few years ago I wouldn’t’ve thought of them a second time.