I realised today i’ve a stats exam on the 28th. haha. haha. good one, life. way to give me a STATS exam on my birthday. but! just found out I got 80% on my last one! that is extraordinarily great, considering I failed the one before that.

imagine that, all I can talk about is stats. I spent all afternoon doing a PY2103 report. & now can barely think. it’s due on Friday, which is the last day of semester.

I love very strong eyebrows on women.

& do you know? I didn’t even begin A Young Girl’s Diary. I haven’t had any time to read ’cause I stayed up all night answering emails & had Anthropology in the morning. I never have another Anthropology class again! imagine how i’ll feel when I never have to have another Sociology lecture again. we had to fill out an evaluation form on the lecturer & because it was anonymous I was really quite cruel. but honest! not really cruel. it’s impossible for me to be purposely cruel. doesn’t work. however I do seem to be unpurposely cruel all the time.

oh &! a couple of my clients’ sites were hacked. someone got in through sendmail! how embarrassing.