uni was fun today. stats is getting easier! hurrah! correlation & linear regression are nothing compared to t-test & power. I hate t-tests & power.

in sociology the tutor asked “who watched dateline last night?”
& I made a *pfft* noise.
& he said “it does affect your life! you should have a political stand!”
& I said “i’ve too many assignments to have a political stand.”
& he said “well the way you dress suggests a political stand.”
& I thought it does?

one of the girls in that tute is called Linda & everyone thinks she is a lesbian because she’s a feminist & activist for all kinds of things & has very short hair dyed orange & doesn’t shave her legs. we were talking about generalisations & whether they are wrong or if there are fair ones, & were suggesting ones that could be fair (I don’t think any are fair).
the boy with one eye said “all women suck at cricket.”
so Linda fired back in 0.4358906235 of a second: “all men are rapists.”
she’s great! & because of her i’ve decided not to shave or wax my legs for at least a month, because I too want to be great. & I hate shaving my legs.

& now it’s Friday! 100hurrahs! I just walked the dogs & am trying to teach Lila to sit, but she only does when I hold up a dog biscuit. if I don’t have one she just won’t. bad dog. &! someone had stolen some of my graphics & put them on his site. so I signed his guestbook saying “hello. i’ve noticed your theft of my images. please remove them, or i’ll do it for you. thanxxx.”
he emailed me saying “Go ahead remove them – it would be too much a pain in my ass to try and figure out wich of your graphics I was insane enough to ever use in the first place.” & then told me if I didn’t want people to steal my stuff I should use a no-right-click script. so! I emailed his host telling them about it & asked them to close his account, & 5 minutes later they replied saying they had! gosh! I hadn’t even provided proof.. although i’d said I could if they asked, & I would have. but that was hurrah, too. the end.