I walked into a door

I woke up at 4am and lay half dreaming until I realised I was on the floor, I turned on the radio & all that would come out was horrid overwhelming tribal beats, no matter what the station, & even if it wasn’t a station at all! turned it off immediately. & started going through my two shoeboxes full of letters from my friends when I was 16 & moving all over the country leaving them behind. they were all so cheer-full, I looked at a photo of us all in a line with cheeky chesire grins in our drab school uniforms splattered with water-fight water for about an hour. I can’t remember the me I was.

then! let’s see. had my usual croissant with very, very finely sliced cheese, and raspberrie cordial, of course, diet, because there is far too much sugar otherwise. checked my email & set up new hosting accounts & such. I was on ICQ for a while.. & as a result nearly missed my bus, which would be nothing unusual. on the way I took heaps of pictures of reflections in the windows, but none turned out right. walking past a bar I wished I could photograph the smell, it’s so pervasive, and so identifiable as “bar.”

I visited every second-hand bookshop in town, wandered around the esplanade lagoon and photographed a stretching pelican with a crowd of pigeons. dropped my eyeshadow box & it smashed into a thousand pieces, so I need new eyeshadow. walked right into a doorhandle & now have a lovelie round bruise on my forearm (“I walked into a door!”). bought two books and an astro boy comic, which I took out to read on the bus home, & then left it behind on the seat!

I hate big brother with a passion. it is the worst television show of all time, & I wish, I wish it would die a horrible, painful & agonisingly slow death.