jumping castle

I can’t believe I forgot to mention: there was a JUMPING CASTLE at uni yesterday! on my birthday! that is so perfect I could just die right now. I accidentally kicked about 666 people in the head. acceidentally? good quesation/

the guy I did the cirttylife design for emailed me saying he liked itm but it was too dsatrk. actually, he said: “Thanks for doing those two layouts for me. I definitely prefer your creative than the humdrum norm design2, however it IS a bit dark for a corporate lifestyle mag in this local, often brain-dead market. I would love to see how it would look with the black toned to a bright light blue or lime.” so over the weekend i’ll.. undarken it. however I certainly won’t lime it. yipers.

everyone went out to my sister’s highschool musical tonight, leaving me here alone to imbibe large quantities of bourbon & harrass people on ICQ. i’m drunk enough to not xorrect typos when I read over things & see thewm. or drnk enough tonot read over things, & from hereon I will not, because it;s embarrassing. but it’s probably more embarrassing to not, but it’s impossible to be ema\barrassed at themoment