lala lalalala

today was the second Sunday in a row spent in the library doing stats, retch. surprisingly, it was all quite simple. but the girls in my group must be stupider than usual. they don’t know what they’re doing, & look up everything in their textbooks every 6seconds but still get it wrong. about a gabillion times I had to tell them why they were wrong without making them feel stupid or resentful.

then I went & sat outside with the stats girls for an hour & chattered. it was a very surreal experience for me because I can’t remember the last time I sat around & chattered with people my age. they talked about nightclubbing and shopping for “cute tops” & stuff for a while & I didn’t have a thing to say because I don’t nightclub or shop for “cute tops,” but gosh, it was very entertaining.

&! i’d requested Freud’s a young girl’s diary & it arrived today! oooyay! I shall devour it tonight in an hour flat, I bet. I remember raptly doing the same my first semester at uni upon finding it. how did I ever find it? it’s purely brilliant.

alright.. I must have some non-library stuff to say. I finished the second citylife design & emailed them both to Trina. she came over & looked at the first one last night (after i’d posted already) & kept saying “well I like it,” which I think implies that she doesn’t think her boss will like it. but my mumm likes it, so there. 😛