today was the last day of semester. I arrived late because I was a bit hungover.  I brought the work i’d done on the assignment last night but! those awful girls had already handed it in! how stupid! now we’re all going to fail. what idiots. & they forgot to have everyone sign it. I hereby hate them all. I didn’t say anything to them, though.

when I went to my sociology discussion, he was handing back the essays! hurrah! until I saw my grade. a P. a fucking P!! 😮 do you know what P stands for? Pass. it’s like a high-school C. I couldn’t believe it. I keeled over. I wept and tore at my hair. then, rather than talking about the globalisation of media, they talked about BIG BROTHER. oh my god. I walked out, leaving my P essay on the floor in imaginary shreds. Melanie, a darling girl in that class, also only got a P, & had a similar reaction. we’re both HD students! & now mortal nemeses of Jim, the lecturer, the distributer of Ps.

other than that i’ve been feeling a bit unwell all day. since i’ve finally finished both Taltos and Five on a Treasure Island I can now start A Young Girl’s Diary. 🙂