i’ve been rather sick today. pretty sick. feeling simply awful. every time I move my head, it spins a million times & I fall over. i’ve been in bed just all day long, barely able to stand up, so i’ve gotten nothing out of a hundred things to do done at all. I read 2 & a half books & watched a movie, & slept & ate soup. every 5seconds i’m asked if I want to see a doctor. & I don’t. I know people get so dizzy when they’ve an inner ear infection, but my ears feel fine. & i’ll be better tomorrow, yep, sure will.

I finished A Young Girl’s Diary, & now want everyone in the world to read it. it’s as good as any fiction, better, because it’s so honest. & sad, it ends awfully. I also read Five on Kirrin Island Again, because i’d forgotten I had it, it’s all secret under-ocean tunnels & “we would’ve got away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids,” & they’ve even a dog.

Trina came over & gave me a late birthday present, & you know, she gave me one of the bracelets i’d been looking at in Myers one day! it’s prettie. & also a pink notebook with black paper &! a gold ink pen. i’m pretty easy to buy presents for, I think, because everyone knows my million quirks. but my head is coming loose again so i’m going to lie back down.