silent static idiot

got back two of my essays today! anthropology essays. I got a HD for the race one and a D+ for the war one. I am doing much better than I have previous semesters, despite a lack of any English & Art classes.

& my hair has grown long enough so I don’t need to wear a hat after washing it to make it lie flat anymore! yay! I really hate hair that sticks up, unless it’s really short. like one millimetre short. I need to dye it again already. my [natural] hair is much darker now then it used to be, but that could be an illusion..

I met my stats project group & we talked about what we’d done. which wasn’t much. one of the girls I intensely like, she is so adorable, & so self depreciating. I notice more & more that I must be the only person on campus who hasn’t a friend, who walks everywhere alone.

Georgia wrote back. she wants to meet for coffee/lunch on the Esplanade on Thursday at noon. shock. shock. I am so nervous, & so happy, & so scared. I don’t have cofee/lunch. I don’t meet for coffee/lunch. & I have class all day Thursday, but I told her i’d meet any time.. what will happen? don’t let her be scared of me. i’ve changed so much. she must have too. don’t let me be a silent static idiot with nothing to say!