happy berthday to me! it hasn’t felt like my birthday, but then, it hasn’t since I was about 12. I certainly don’t feel 22. 22 is adult! when I was 7 i’d try to imagine myself at this age, & what I am now is nowhere, nowhere near it.

I actually woke up quite crabby. I had a dream in which I lived in a sky-high apartment building in a forest of identical buildings. my evil xhusband lived in the building next door, one floor higher than mine, and was always peering into my window! & my windows had no curtains! my nanna rang to tell me happy birthday & I told her about it & she tried to get me to tell her what I thought it meant. but it only means the obvious, which is too stupid to talk about.

I haven’t thought about him for months, since that last terrible argument. I quite like not thinking about him. although now that we’ve been separated for a year I can finally apply for divorce! so will do that very soon.

today I had a stats test, as I mentioned a few days ago, & it was easy peasy! wow. it was all on confidence intervals and correlation. then met my stats group in the library to work on our assignment, & I took a picture of them [which is no longer up]! they are so darling. their names are Regan, Melissa and Vienda.

now I am bout to go out for birthday tea. yay!