better by Monday

I kept waking up this morning. i’d look over at the clock, think “why get up?” & go back to sleep, until about 11am. I dreamt ..well. can’t tell what I dreamt. except for the part where I had long hair again. that was nice. & my teeth fell out, which wasn’t so nice.

Sarah was going into town to look for a formal dress so I got a lift with them because I felt like going out. I went to the esplanade & had a sandwich there, & bought a pipe & two Francesca Lia Block books (that i’ve already read, again). & I bought Riot Act because I downloaded far more than one mp3 (i’ve a rule that if I download more than one I buy the whole thing. but I hope everyone downloads & nobody buys so that no one makes music any more except those that do it even if nobody buys it).

while I was in Shanti Shanti I was looking at some stuff & heard someone loudly say, “the problem is that students have too much money to spend these days,” which I ignored for a few seconds, & then looked up. & it was my sociology tutor! he likes me ’cause I was always opinionated in his class when it was full of shy first-years. I said, “what’s a nice man like you doing in a place like this” (cause it’s a feral shop full of hippy drug stuff) (it’s where I bought the pipe(s)) & he said “you’re a cheeky one.” he’s pretty old & is bald & used to be a general or something. he was there with his granddaughter who was older than me.

then I wandered around for a while & took pictures & caught the bus home. & Sterling caught the same bus as me, he’s in one of my classes & reminds me of Monk from #Witchcraft. he’s exactly what I imagine Monk to be like in person, except I know he has a beard, & Sterling doesn’t have a beard. but he’s very adorable & looks about 15 even though he’s older than me. there are lots of interesting people at uni.

i’m starting to look like ..something yuck & sick. i’ve lost heaps of weight & am yellow pale. I get tired quickly, but I feel a lot better today. i’ll be better by Monday. shh, shh, it’s okay. be better by Monday.