Big Brother

yay! yay! Jo got evicted! oo she was so detestable. and such an obvious manipulator! that’s why 86% of people voted her out. how stupid, & I just don’t understand why everyone says “she’s beautiful AND intelligent” ..because she’s thin, blonde & a lawyer? intelligence isn’t a requisite. & no one so blatant could be intelligent. I feel sorry for her boyfriend. unless he falls for her “oh I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, & emotions are magnified in the house” crapp. then he’s stupid too. and they’re selling her bikini. I don’t know why I watch it. yes I do. I like Daniel & Jamie & Reggie. just not everyone else, especially the people profiting.

if you’re wondering what i’m obsessively ranting about: Big Brother.

I did most of Sarah’s painting today. i’d never have painted such a painting myself, but I like it. I took a photo for my daily & will upload it after this, & tomorrow will take one of it finished. Sarah’s done a lot, too.. she drew the man & cat outlines, & painted all those heaps of words.

&! I had 3hree meals today & didn’t puke once. happy meal toys this week are muppets with bendy limbs, & i’ve vowed to collect them all. except Ronnie stole my Gonzo, that brat. well, I gave it to her, & then wished I hadn’t. that counts as stealing.

will study all day tomorrow! promise!