I was looking at the date, which was the 6th, & then at the last entry, which was on the 4th, thinking, I missed a day? I don’t remember missing a day. what’d I do yesterday? & I sat there trying to remember missing a day for about 5 minutes until I realised it was the 6th because it’s 1am, not because I missed a day. phew. but when I post this i’ll change the time so that it comes up as being the 5th, so that I don’t have two entries for the 6th & none for the 5th. i’ve done that before. *sneakie* 😀

today daydream asked if he could merge his design business with mine, because this stupid German business is suing him because his business name is c-factor, & theirs is factor. they’ve already sued him & won, so he had to change his German business name to cator, but he left his Australian business called c-factor, & now they’re suing him for that, even though it’s on the other side of the world. it makes me so mad. so I said of course he can merge. ’cause this suing crapp has already cost him $30,000. so! that will be exciting. it means I will finally register the business, which is good, & have to start paying taxxx, which is ickie.

& today I went hunting for a new skirt. I wanted a new ankle-length plain black skirt. I have a couple but some are quite old & ragged. &? I couldn’t find one. I went into practically every shop in the entire city & none had a plain ankle length black skirt, or any colour, in fact. I would’ve settled for another colour. but nothing! they all were either too short, or had hideous ruffles & frills. a surprising amount had hideous ruffles & frills. I mean, I like ruffles & frills, but yikes! these were huge & quite stupid looking things. & they were everywhere! so. no new skirt for me.

one other thing. for the past week or so, I may’ve even mentioned it before, i’ve been addicted to mint. i’ve been eating all kinds of mint, but especially tic tacs & mentos. I can’t not have a mint in my mouth, it seems. no food. just mint.