it’s tuesday, tuesday. i’m a day a head this week.
I went to bed only early this morning, so slept most of today, and before that had been working on various uninteresting things. I did make a fish picture, but I don’t know why? why make pictures that have no purpose? I spent all that time on it and now will put it somewhere and probably look at it in five years, or something.

but I went cheesecake ingredient shopping, having pried recipes out of everyone and mixing them together into a super-recipe. and you should’ve seen the look on nanna Cutt’s face when she spotted a 43cent lemon jelly amongst all the 80cent ones! that made her day.

and it turned out fine, despite my lack of electric mixer. except I think when you make something yourself, all you can taste is the ingredients, rather than the whole thing. that isn’t just an excuse for not cooking, either, because I do like to.

I also realised that a ring i’d bought is almost exactly the same as another I have, except with a purple stone instead of a red one. I must especially like it if I bought it twice.