I was so sure today was Tuesday, all day. mum woke me up & said “you’ve a doctor’s appointment in an hour,” & I thought “I thought it was on Wednesday? ohwell.” & then at lunch time I found out it was Wednesday, which means I have heaps less time to study than I thought. but then I realised the 17th is on Tuesday, ’cause that’s when the Nannas get here, & i’d thought before it was a Monday. so it works out that I have exactly the time I thought. if that makes sense.

I had to wait another 15million centuries at the doctors, but at least I saw one of the girl ones. the girl ones are so much better, & she was so much better. she gave me an injection (in the butt! & it hurt, despite my frantic toe wiggling!) that made me almost completely better. & she gave me a certificate so I can defer my exams, but I don’t know if I will.

i’ve had an idea for a painting for weeks, & I started it today. I had to look up what a human heart looks like. i’ve only sketched it yet.

Trina rang & is picking me up at 8am to take me to her work to talk to her boss about the design. he thinks I don’t really exist because I won’t talk to him on the phone. &! it’s so frustrating. he won’t tell me what he wants, & she says it’s cause he doesn’t know, but so far it’s a planet with a star on Cairns & a shooting tail turning into the logo. that’s almost the exact words he used to describe what he wanted, & how hard is that to actually turn into something? lucky i’m a geniuslie.  :/

I seem to end these entries so abruptly.