this is portraying me as very different than I think I am! I suppose that’s bound to happen when.. you report nothing but daily inconsequence, & try not to endow with .. thought. & I realised a couple of times i’ve obviously forgotten what I wrote the day before, & semi-repeat myself. well. i’m in between watching High Fidelity but.. drifted away.

& took some pictures, but …       think i’m ugly. lol
it’s a phase. i’ll start lifting weights.

anyway! right. breakfast with the birds. forcing myself to eat doesn’t work. it’s disgusting. it makes me sick. it’s like forcing yourself to eat poison, it feels wrong & deathly.

The Birds

The Birds

& my nanna said the first sign of being a vampire is being cold, ’cause I told her I was cold & she wasn’t & I feel cold before anyone else. & Sarah’s behind me having an online fight with her friend & won’t let me read it. mmmm um! oh my god. i’m really fucking down. feel like slicing my skin off, or at least __________________sdgj