dreaming about hugs

when I woke up today my head was almost completely better. I could tilt it practically all over the place & it felt just fine & stable. sometime after lunch, though, which was at 4pm, since I didn’t get up ’til 11, since i’ve been staying up so late, it got quite bad again. I weave all over the place when I try to walk in a straight line. mumm made me another appointment without my knowledge, however now I am glad she did. I expected it to be gone ages ago, and my exams are far too quickly approaching. only a week to go. & I can’t study! looking down, ie: at books on a desk, is simply the worst. I am so nervous about my exams. I wish they were over, even if I only got Ps for them all.

i’ve been dreaming about hugs.

I walked the dogs yesterday for the first time since I got sick, and Lila pulled so much that my arms and shoulders are sore & stiff today. Buddha is sleeping on top of the monitor, and snoring, his legs dangling in front of the screen. he follows me everywhere, so that I can’t sit down without him 5seconds later being in my lap. unless i’m at a desk, when he either sits right in front of the monitor or on top of it, either way impeding my view. lucky I love him so hugely.

my disgusting/pathetic/miserable/quite mad & very-soon-to-be-legally ex-husband left me 4our disgusting/pathetic/miserable/quite mad comments on my livejournal. just days after I enabled anonymous comments on it again! he must have been trying every now & then. he’s terribly obsessed and hateful and insane. I can’t believe I was ever so close to someone who could be so _____. I didn’t answer. I wish he would just go away/die.