failure to study

ah! I fell behind and now can barely remember what happened today. which is actually yesterday. I had my stats exam.

i’d meant to wake up early and study, but instead I woke up early and didn’t move for about four hours. I thought, i’ll go to uni early and study in the library before the exam. so I went to uni early, but ready Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams (I think that’s what it was called, I may have gotten some words wrong) instead. then I was late to the exam, and the second I saw it I knew I should have studied. but I could have passed! i’ll be surprised if I fail.

everyone picked me up, asking “how’d it go?”
I said “mmm, um, I think, yeah. it went pretty crap.”
so we went for coffee, ’cause that’s what we’ve been doing every single day. ‘cept I don’t drink coffee.

on the way home we stopped and bought an electric beater, for future cheesecakes. nanna Trish told me to make heaps and “get your figure back.” figure! what an odd word. I remember, oh it’s very embarrassing. in second grade we had to learn the meanings of 7 words a week, and at the end of the week use them all in a sentence. once one of the words was figure, and everyone learnt that it was a number, and used it in sentences like “I draw the figure 8 all day long.” but when Mr O’laughlen called on me to use it in a sentence, I said, “my mother has a nice figure.” because i’d asked her what it meant and that’s what she told me! everyone laughed, and I will kill them all one day.┬áD: