don’t want to keep talking about how sick I am, but gosh! today it was the worst ever, & it had been getting better over the past few days. it could be because I didn’t go to bed last night until 4am this morning. but i’ve been watching and my head spins in both directions, not just one. which means it isn’t an inner ear thing, or if it is, it’s affecting both of them.

I was going to start studying for my exams, which begin on the 15th, I think, but haven’t been able to do anything but lie down, and read, if I don’t move my head while doing it. if I don’t move at all I feel fine. my exams are worrying me. in two weeks I have to sit 4 exams all in the same week. how will I study for them all? 😕

I went to bank a cheque today & while I was there I thought I might as well take all the money out of my American account and put it into my Australian one, because I can’t use eftpos with the American one & I use eftpos all the time. I found out it has a withdrawal limit of $200, so I withdrew $200 3 times until I noticed people waiting behind taking-forever-me so gave up. but it’s so lovelie to wander around with big stacks of $50s. & scary.

right after I put all that & the cheque into my bank account I went into this shop that must have been made just for me. it has heaps & heaps of buddhas & elephants & cats & naked people & other crazy statues & ornamental things. if it weren’t so expensive I would buy everything in it. but finally narrowed it down to a brass dragonfly & a hanging Icarus lady, which were both $40. I got the Icarus lady & she’s now gracing in my bedroom. that sentence probably only makes sense in my mind.