I should try to remember that this isn’t a thought journal, it’s a day one. thoughts should go into thought journals.

i’m trying to think what I did today, but… I didn’t do anything.
I went to the library & photocopied stuff, except these two boys in collusion were photocopying an entire semester’s worth of lectures & I had to wait half an hour ’cause I wanted to photocopy a reserve book which you can’t take out of the reserve room to photocopy somewhere else. I photocopied sexuality & deviance to study for my tomorrow exam, only it’s 11pm & I haven’t studied yet, & this is the one i’m worried about. I could fail & have to do it again, as if once wasn’t entirely hell. i’d rather do stats again!

I looked up the forms for changing my name, and have filled them out. I just need to get a justice of the peace to sign one, & I think the Trinity Beach gym owner is one. what should I change my name to? something absurd. but my family says they’ll still call me .. my name. I don’t associate my self with my name. it doesn’t seem me. it just seems a jumble of letters.

then I looked up how to become a Justice of the Peace, & you have to pass an exam, but it looks easy peasy. so maybe i’ll do that, & then I can do law-type things. I should get my driver’s license first. I have enough to buy a car.. sigh.

every paragraph begins with I.