if people were diaries

i’d written an entry earlier, then left and came back to delete it. I hope I did so before anyone read it, as it was quite ____.  😐

so now a proper one. I don’t think I shall be able to sleep tonight, so i’m going to go to the video store, hoping it will be open despite the fact that it’s past Witch’s hour. if it’s not (open), and I expect it to be not, daydream recently bought the Animatrix dvd, which i’ll watch instead of some hired one. I just want to go for a walk in the pitch, really. I may also get drunk/high, unless the strong me wins.

I think this was the slowest day ever. I walked the dogs to the beach again, and Lilah is still scared of it, and won’t walk on it without dragging me back up all the way. since she rips my hands apart and my arms out of their wimpy little sockets every time I walk her, I invented a dog-walking belt which is attached to her lead, and! it makes walking her so much easier. now being yanked all over the place is amusing, rather than painful. I am quite ingenious.

speaking of nine inch nails, my favourite song is Hurt. not because it’s so miserable, though.. you know, I feel I can’t talk about anyone here. because it feels kind of deceitful, even if I don’t mean it that way. like I have something to say, but say it here rather than to them..
although, there are a lot of things i’d say to people if they were diaries.