well! today was nothing, because i’ve nothing to do. I decided to take a picture for photochallenge and thought i’d take a picture of something distorting through a waterglass, but that seemed boring. then I thought i’d take a picture of one of the goldfish in a waterglass, but after I did that, it seemed boring too. so then Buddha came along to see what I was doing, and tried to eat the goldfish in the glass, and that didn’t seem so boring.

then I went and bought the newspaper to apply for jobs, but couldn’t find any I liked. so I lowered my lofty standards and applied for two. but for one I need a portfolio, which I am not finished constructing, but my eyes are too tired to look at the screen anymore so i’ll finish it tomorrow.

oh my gosh. I really want a job. I can’t imagine having every day full of nothing like this for a whole month. imagine how dull my fabulous daily blog would be?

and mumm drank. when she got home she gave me a hug, and I could tell. so I said “you drank.”
I was quite disappointed.
she pulled away and said “yeah, are you disappointed?”
I said “no.”
I really, really hope she doesn’t again. i’d be very sad.

the spellchecker with this script doesn’t work.