I think today was the best day ever, this year. I hadn’t slept, although i’d tried, and instead read heaps of books and did lots of work (but not the work I should really have been doing). so today was the last day with the nannas! I went to orchid plaza with them while mumm, the third generation, did the grocery shopping and had 2 coffees and a smoothie with Bronwyn, who is going to jail soon for fraud. so I went for coffee with the nannas, of course, and! they made me laugh so much! with the funniest stories and things. I wrote them all down so I can laugh four evers.

then we walked to the casino, and everyone must have thought us gamble addicts because it was only 10am, and I was drinking alcohol. gambling addiction runs very very strongly in my family, both the nannas have it and so does Trina and other aunts and cousins. except I don’t have it at all, I got rather bored, so I left and wandered around the city taking pictures and wasting money and going to the library. I got too many books out and had to carry them all over the place, which gave me a headache for the rest of the day, so I laydown for a long time.

Trina and Rog went out for dinner, on the nannas’ last night! so they and Ronnie came over to our place for dinner. when they left they cried and mumm cried and everyone cried. well I didn’t cry. and daydream and Roger didn’t cry, but they’re boys and aren’t allowed to. haha. stupid boys.

and I was hungry today.