my head is clockwise

didn’t go to uni today.

the other day I was sweeping the laundry out the door, & Buddha got out, & of course Lila started chasing & trying to eat him. so I went to save him but when I was holding onto her collar, Lila yanked really hard & her collar bent my fingernail all the way back! I sat & looked at it ’cause it just stayed there, folded back. I was bleeding & stuff, & the skin under it went purple later. then, today, I walked both dogs to the post office. I had Lila on a leash but I never have Chloe on one ’cause she’s so good. as soon as I stepped out the door Lila yanked really hard again & another fingernail on the same hand got caught on the leash & ripped right off, & she ran away. now that one’s bruised too! it broke though, it didn’t bend.

I have quite a bad headache; it started this afternoon. my dizzy has been worse than usual. I realised it always spins clockwise. i’m going to bed.