no hat today

very sleepy today. I woke up & studied & had to go back to sleep for a while, then when I came home I had to sleep some more. I still feel sleepy ’cause I just woke up. the nannas are here for tea tonight.

had my anthropology exam today, & there was heaps of writing! instead of multiple choices there was short answers, so for 20 questions I had to write a paragraph each, plus two essays. my essays were on anthropological fieldwork and the gift exchange system of the Kula. if I hadn’t studied this morning I probably would have failed, so! lucky!

before the exam I went to the refectory & on the way passed two people I know know well enough to say hi to, but didn’t see them/look at them, so accidentally didn’t respond to their quite polite “hi”s. I do that sort of thing all the time, am so socially klutzy.

afterwards the silly exam lady said “everyone please stay seated until all the papers have been collected & counted.” so we had to sit there for ten million minutes ’cause she was so slow & in that time my bus went without me.

while we were waiting the boy behind me, who calls me Jessie, which is really really cute, but I don’t know his name, said “no hat today?”
& I said “no, they don’t let you wear them in exams.”
& he said “why not?!”
& I said “’cause they’re scared we might stuff piles of cheaty notes under there.”
& then I said “I didn’t realise I wore a hat so often until people started commenting when I wasn’t wearing one!”
& he said “yeah, i’d started to think it was a hair problem!”