gosh! wasn’t I down in the dumps yesterday. isn’t that a horrid saying? down in the dumps. it makes you sound dumpy. you being the person referred to. dumpy as well as down.

every few days I think of that mind trick with the colliding fly & train. when something is travelling & it suddenly reverses direction, for an instant it is actually absolutely motionless, yes? simple law of physics. so then a fly travelling in one direction can stop a train travelling in the opposite direction when it splats into the windscreen. GET IT? 😀 pretty tricky. I think of that so often it’s become a part of my brain. I was thinking about it in the car with my mother today & told her about it & she couldn’t seem to comprehend it, but she was probably just arguing for the sake of arguing. she’s stubborn like that.

I keep expecting to wake up in the morning completely better, but this dizzy thing just won’t go away! rooms are still dancing around my head & i’ve lost all coordination &/or balance! but i’m better than I was; I don’t have to stay in bed all day. I rewrote my tagboard script & added lots of tricky things like IP banning &… other tricky things. I can’t remember. oh yes! flood & spamm control. yay!


you know, life, at the moment, really stinks. I can’t bring myself to do any of the stuff i’ve to do, & don’t know if it’s because i’m sick, even though i’m getting better! or if it’s because i’m just headsick. yeah, I am. i’m headsick. I could lie on the floor for 42598063250 hours. someone to talk to would be great, but I don’t know if I could bring myself to talk. just want to kill everyone around me & hate them. not that I hate them. most of them. no one talking to me would be nice.

I saw Matrix Reloaded, & thought it a waste of time. didn’t think it bad, & didn’t dislike it, just thought it a waste. sushi for lunch. quite used to being bad, so I expect it every day. what a miser! Bone Collector is on tonight but since i’d rather not torture myself by staying conscious I think i’ll tape it & go to bed & watch it tomorrow.