Port Douglas

I didn’t go to bed ’til 4:30 this morning & wasn’t planning to wake up for hours&hours. but I woke up at 7 feeling very funny & sick, so I went & got my puke bucket (walking into a wall & a dining table on the way) & put it next to my bed just in case. then I sort of went back to sleep, but then woke up at 8 again to puke. & then got up to brush my teeth, & then of course couldn’t go back to sleep.

it was the queen’s birthday holiday today, & what do you do on a public holiday in this city? go to Port Douglas! well, I do. except I didn’t buy anything this time, I just wanted the ride there. I don’t know. i’m still feeling funny. daydream asked me if I was wearing lipstick to make my lips look pale. Port Douglas has a long road to get in there, & all along it there are hugely magestic palm trees like a metre apart. the guy, can’t remember his name, who put them there had them planted fully grown, & it cost millions. he “put Port Douglas on the map” everyone says.

I got an overdue notification from the uni library today for A Young Girl’s Diary, so i’ll go there tomorrow to take it back, & photocopy stuff I need to study. & hopefully start studying! but i’ve been working lots on my business site. I reorganised the whole support section, because it was a little out of date, but updating it just made it too huge & confusing. but now it’s huge & good.  :3