queen of needless snubs

allergies again today! mumm had them too. they’ve abated slightly now, but my nose is stuffed. lol. I love that saying. stuffed nose.

I nearly bought Buddha a funny little soft cat-sized sleeping house for $50. he would love it because he loves sleeping in cat-sized boxes and bags and things. but I remembered I am saving my money, and it worked! I resisted! yay me. I am thinking of going on a holiday abroad for as long as I can afford it. where would I go? somewhere previously ungone. India or Thailand. although i think of doing things constantly yet never do them. oh, I did buy The Sneetches for $7. it’s my favourite, i’d marry Dr Suess, and Chuck Jones. and Ed, gosh, he is so adorable. I fall for fictional characters all the time.

oh! at my exam the other day I saw the boy I had a crush on ..last year, I think. since I changed to psychology i’m not in any of his classes anymore, so hadn’t seen him for a long time. and gosh, I don’t know what I saw, but it was wrong. he said hi and I pretended not to hear him. I am the queen of needless snubs.

finished the portfolio, and sent it.. it’s (no longer at) at /portfolio. I don’t intend it to become part of my site, as it’s almost the same as the business one, and is quite boring and boastful. I barely bothered with the design.. the photo was my entry for the dreamy photochallenge, but that one was a bit darker and you couldn’t see her face as well.