reflected skin

hmm! hmm. hmm. it’s starting to get quite cold.

was in a very bad mood for much of today, so read a lot. I hadn’t read anything after The Secret Garden so caught up with about 5 enid blyton boarding school books. the nannas came over & nanna Cutts asked me 5 times why I was wearing a hat & asked if it was because my hair was falling out & said i’d go bald. it got quite annoying after a while. she is quite annoying. cute, but wearing, trying, crying. she puts nanna Trish down all the time & tells me over & over what’s wrong with me & how I should change amillion things about myself. but she’s 90. she’ll be dead soon. haha! that’s not what I meant.

have to get up early tomorrow for breakfast with the birds. *will not complain or say anything about not wanting to go (this doesn’t count)*

what else? nothing else. was rude to an aim boy ’cause I didn’t want to talk, & didn’t realise it ’til I was talked to. what else? nothing else.