thursday is grocery shopping day.

today I had an appointment with the citylife guy to talk about the design, & it’s completely changed again! i’m on the fifth one! & i’ve really liked a couple so i’ll just use them for something else. he goes “so how much are you making with webhosting.. 60-100 grand?” & I was all “umm.. I haven’t counted.” 60-100grand?! what world is he on?

now i’m doing the tritonpalace site as well, plus he has some friend who wants some templates for tourists to put up silly websites for their parents at home. it’s fun. I just have too much to do. oh, tritonpalace is this huge big multimilliondollar beachfront resort he works for that is being built, it’s where Trina works too. each apartment is like $1million except it won’t be finished till 2006 or something (& already half of them are sold).

tomorrow i’m going to go into uni & see if it isn’t too late to defer my exams. if it isn’t then I definitely will. the injection stopped working today, & I was supposed to start taking some pills but forgot the prescription twice. oh! &! today I went to an opshop & found an ankle length black skirt! it isn’t really coarse & heavy either, it’s lovelie. I haven’t tried it on yet, I just bought it in 1second.

i’m reading The Secret Garden. I first read it when I was 14 and two people gave it to me on the same Christmas.

last night I was feeling very very sick & puked 20million times so didn’t take all my collection of daily pills, which I usually do right before going to sleep, so I did this morning & gosh! they made me so sleepy all day! i’d never noticed that before ’cause I always went right to sleep afterwards. i’m never taking them in the morning again.