Sling Blade

I just watched Sling Blade for the first time since I saw it the first time over a year ago. after watching it the first time I added it to my list, and have since worried that maybe it wasn’t as good as I had thought it was at the time, because I do that sometimes… have lapses of judgement. or maybe my tastes just change. however! if I had just seen it for the first time now, I would be adding it to my list. I am desperately in love with Karl. that You will be happy bookmark just killed me. I burst into tears the second I read it. I need someone to give me one of those. it was just a stupid strip of lined paper with big clear letters. & I want it, fucking want it.

i’ve also, i’m so sorry & ashamed, started watching Big Brother. I watched it one night when absolutely bored, and it was the late-night r-rated one. & it was entertaining! in a bad way, but still. Reggie is simply hilarious & loveable, Saxon is so doofusy & dumb. I like Jamie, too, because he is so odd in his speech and mannerisms. I dislike Vincent because of that two-faced thing where he comforted a crying girl & said he’d go tell off Ben, & then went out & laughed with Ben! I didn’t mind Ben, either, he was far more interesting than many, but he was evicted, of course.

gosh. aren’t I terrible? I can’t believe i’ve fallen for Big Brother, the most disgusting & contrived spectacle in Aussie telly history. 😮