the other day when I mentioned the Nannas, I meant my nanna Trish & nanna Cutts. nanna Trish is my mumm’s mumm & nanna Cutts is nanna Trish’s mumm. they’re coming up here next week to visit, right during mine & Sarah’s exam week. last time I saw them was right after I got back home last year, because they were up for mumm & daydream’s wedding.

I went to the uni today & they gave me some forms to defer my exams. only now i’m worried i’ve left it too late & will take it in & they’ll deny it but I won’t find out till after i’ve missed all the exams! so I got the prescription today, but an hour after I took the first pill my dizzy came back worse than ever. rrrrr. it faded again after a while, so i’m about to take my second & if it comes back again i’m not taking any more.

then I was all alone all day. I cleaned up & did washing & swept. I put up some icklie pairs of shoes on ebay. now i’m formatting excel invoices which is taking ages, ’cause I have to do it for every single account. yucks. i’ve been putting it off for ages & am only a quarter way through & already giving up! not giving up.. going to continue… now. (yucks.)