been studying like madlie

i’ve memorised so much psychology info i’m scared to think of anything else lest it all be washed away by inconsequence; my brain feels delicate & teetering on complete wipe-out. I think I have about 10 pages of info in it that I didn’t have yesterday. it feels quite good! the latest chunk i’ve repeated until it’s engraved, at least until tomorrow afternoon:

the brain consists of
the hindbrain – medulla oblongata, cerebellum (intricate movement), pons (regulates breath & air).
the midbrain – processes eye & ear info.
the forebrain – the thalumus (waystation for all sensory info), the hypothalamus (hunger/thirst, tired/wakefulness, temperature/comfort), the limbic system (hippocampus, septal nuclei, amygdala) and the cerebellum.
the cerebellum is split by fissures (sulci) and ridges (gyri) into four lobes:
occipital lobe – primary visual cortex
temporal lobe – primary auditory cortex
frontal lobe – primary motor cortex
parietal lobe – primary somatosensory cortex

see, I typed all that out from memory, and could go for simply miles, and will, but not here ’cause there’s far too much. the more I rehearse it the better i’ll know it. I went to the library twice today & stayed until closing, walking through the empty pitch black campus I thought about the story my mumm’s writing (based on me!) about a girl who murders people on the empty pitch black campus & got quite scared, so started to run. bad idea! after one step I nearly tipped right over, my legs felt so floppy and weak.

but can’t think about that.. must think about psychology.  -_-