what a funny day! I actually slept 6hours and woke up at about 8, and everyone was gone! which is great. I love everyone gone.

I finished the tritonpalace design, which was a big hurrah, as it was such a tedious one. although he’ll probably email me saying “this isn’t what I wanted at all, do it over!” so. after I did that I had no more work, so started repainting the coffeetable, as the last designs are all faded. I did some lovelee swurls and tentacles, yumm. swurls and tentacles are my favourite.

isn’t this the most exciting thing you’ve ever read?

I took the dogs for the biggest long walk to the beach and all the way along, and stayed there for ages. then, on the way home, I cut through the park, and there were three girls lying in the middle of it, watching Entertainment Tonight on a big TV in the middle of the grass! that was very strange.

started reading In Favour of the Sensitive Man, which is just darling. I hardly ever read non-fiction/non-poetry. all my father reads is biographies. i’ve never read any Nancy Drew stories, I should find one. I love little girl books. but i’ll also think of some more non-fiction things to read. essays, and feminist theory. nothing psychology related! i’m on holidays!

if I had a husband in the war i’d send him lots of pornography every week.
not really sure where that thought came from. maybe the tentacles.