i’ve been reading The BFG, by Roald Dahl. it’s like i’ve never read it because I only did once when I was like 12 or something. I love it! here is a passage:

‘Would you teach me how to make an elefant?’ the BFG asked.
‘What do you mean?’ Sophie said.
‘I would dearly love to have an elefunt to ride on,’ the BFG said dreamily. ‘I would so much love to have a jumbly big elefunt and go riding through green forests picking peachy fruits off the trees all day long. This is a sizzling-hot muckfrumping country we is living in. Nothing grows in it except snozzcumbers. I would love to go somewhere else and pick peachy fruits in the early morning from the back of an elefunt.’
Sophie was quite moved by this curious statement.