the luscious supernannas

I skip over far too much, when I think about it. i’d like to have the time & the mind to not skip over anything.

so I slept 8 whole hours! yes. yes. and I think as a direct result was in a nice mood up until at least lunch. I went to Earlville with mumm & the nannas, we went to a coffee shop &:
after I ordered (for everyone! I am a big girle & the leader of the pack, because I am the young & brash one), the counter lady said “so you ladies are all together?” (I thought: I am a ladie! =^_^= )
nanna Trish said “yes, all together. in fact, we’re mother (indicating nanna Cutts), mother (indicating herself), mother (indicating mumm), & daughter (indicating me)! four generations!”
“wow!” humoured the counter lady. “that’s great! I should take your photo & put it in the coffee shop magazine!”
so we four generations posed around cups of coffee with big smiles & will soon be in a small coffee shop’s small magazine that customers glance through while drinking cups of coffee & gossiping.

then on the way home they were all bickering & being hilarious, so that they make me think someone should make a bad sitcom about them. and call it “the luscious supernannas.”

nanna Trish is a very frail nanna, if she catches a cold she could die. & she’s been coughing up blood the past few days. now I never think anything very serious, even my own brain tumour, even my frail nanna coughing up blood. but then I think, why, all the people in movies coughing up blood are dying, and die! I would be sad if she died, because she is so lovelie.

that would be a good last name, yes? Jessica Lovelie. but would you pronounce it which way? i’ll add it to the list.