I don’t understand the whole

hi! how are you?
i’m good! how are you?
i’m good!
that’s good!

thing. it makes me feel stupid and trivial. it makes me feel an empty and uncaring outsider. I dont ask people how they are to participate in some hackneyed social ritual.

today I had my first exam, and while a lot of questions I wasn’t prepared for, i’m reasonably sure I did well. 60 multiple choice and 4 short essay questions. you could choose 4 out of 10 for the essays, & I chose “design an experiment testing st john’s wort,” “how can intelligence testing be both positive and negative,” “give a biological reason and a social reason for aggression” and “describe the pros & cons of labelling in abnormal psychology.”

I would have done much better had I not been afflicted with bad allergies all day. I haven’t had them for a few weeks, but I knew I would today, because I had an exam. it never fails. exam day = allergies.

my Nannas arrived here from the Gold Coast today! I couldn’t go to lunch with them ’cause of the exam so went to visit them afterwards. they gave me a black vinyl shoulder bag, a purple wallet, a powder blue sparkly head scarf, some pink thongs, earrings & nailpolish, lipstick & eyeshadow all of the same purple. all voodoo dolls, of course, even though it’s been sold.

Sarah gets her braces off tomorrow! I will lick her teeth in jealousy.