the show

didn’t sleep, but watched cartoons in a catatonic stupor for much of the night, and read the rest. I went for a walk, and streetlights always make me feel as though i’m being filmed, or at least watched, so I am sure to catleap every third step.

I read that to be healthy one should take either 700 or 7000 steps per day. I wish I could remember things. one day I will count my every step and base the non-memory on the result.

today I took lots of steps, because I went to! the show. there were so very many people there, the whole world. my feet were stepped on and my ribbs elbowed 459086 times each. but for all the people I didn’t spot anyone trail-worthy.

next year, for three months before show day, I will practise popping balloons with darts and knocking over milk bottles with baseballs and shooting paper ducks. oh, my neighbour told me the other day he has a gun. i’ve been periodically thinking about it ever since. it is so close.

all I ate today was fairy floss, and so much of it my tastebuds have been sugarburnt off. want more.