enter Sarah and Jess, home from the theatre. they go to their respective rooms to unload, and Jess is surprised Buddha hasn’t popped out of some nook to give desperate affection. Jess looks unsuccessfully for Buddha in all his known hiding spots. Jess rattles the cat food and still no Buddha.
Jess is now convinced her drunken mother has let Buddha escape into the rainy night. Jess can hear said drunken mother arguing with Chris from their bedroom as she feeds the dogs in a quiet fury.
after feeding the dogs, Jess finds the torch and peers out the front door, hoping for darting Buddha shadows.

*30 seconds*

Jess hears drunken mother screech “what is the cat doing in my room?” followed by a mumble. drunken mother comes charging out of her room dressed in a towel.
Jess turns around with the torch and says “so he was in your room.”
“yes,” says drunken mother.
Jess shuts the front door, and walks past drunken mother to put the torch away.
after a moment, drunken mother screams after her, “are you going to say something, or am I going to stand here and pretend you said something?!”
Jess walks back, saying, “hi mother, how was your night?”
“fine, how was yours?”
“so why did you abuse me when I came out?”
Jess stares at bleary eyed drunken mother for about 15 seconds before walking away.
drunken mother mutters just loud enough, “right, I should be used to this,” and goes back to her room, slamming the door.
Jess calls out, “goodnight.”

didn’t abuse you mumm, you’re just drunk. for the third night in a row.
you can say “oh it’s all right, I didn’t drink that much last night,” but you drank enough to come home swaying and slobbering all over me.
you can say “I think i’m doing pretty well, I just have a drink every now and then,” but you’re in denial. a drunk can’t just have a drink every now and then, and you’re proving it.