Buddha’s got a tail

Saturday is look-after-Ronnie day.
she was patting Buddha this morning and he moved his tail, and she got all excited. she said “Buddha’s got a tail!”
I said “yeah!”
she said “…Ronnie’s got a tail.”
I said “no..”
she said “Jessie’s got a tail?”
I said “no.”
she said “Amber’s got a tail.”
I said “no!”
she said “Amber’s got a bottom.”
lol lolXamillion. she is so cute.

when Trina came to pick her up I gave some photographs i’d taken, because they ardently collect photos of her. mumm said that if they had another it would wear off, that parents always keep stacks of albums for their first baby, then don’t bother for the second and third and fourth.
I thought, that can’t be true! thinking of the million pictures per minute i’d take. but I must have a stronger desire to capture every moment of the past, for all the various records I keep. I took a look at the baby albums my mother has, and there at least three times as many of me as there are my little sister.

daydream, on the phone with his business associates, refers to me as his stepdaughter, and has at least once as just daughter. I, on the other hand, refer to him as daydream, or “my mother’s husband,” and it is 50% because of him that I want a job, so that I can live somewhere other than here (or on campus). I could concentrate instead on making the business bigger, which wouldn’t be hard if I did so locally, but I don’t like the limitations it brings already.
on the other hand, if it were so big as to be able to hire someone else to be limited by it, .. hmm. i’d have to get another job because i’d get bored out of my skull, much like I am now, which is the other 50% of why I want a job anyway.

I applied for 3 today, one because it said “person needed.”

other stuff:
i’ve noticed that when I walk for a long time, or when I run, my shins hurt.
myer had a sale so I bought some clothes. I tried on colours but they don’t look right on me after six years of black!

i’m going to bed, though it’s not even 9pm yet. i’m pretty tired and blah, and it is so cold it seems nonsensical to be anywhere but bed. and just because there are tourists walking about in bathing suits doesn’t mean it’s not cold, it just means they’re lizards.