what a busy day!

last night i’d set my alarm so i’d have time to get all my school stuff ready, because i’d kind of forgotten to do so beforehand. but it didn’t go off! mumm woke me up at 8 saying “i’m leaving in 10 minutes.”

I said “yeah right!” and rolled over to go back to sleep. which I realised wouldn’t happen so I jumped up and got ready in 10 minutes.

for Bronwyn’s hearing! we had to wait for a whole hour in the court room for the judge, who was off doing a search warrant or something. then we had to go through 20 adjournments and some lady’s case where she lied on her application for permanent residence, saying she had no children when she in fact had one. so she got the visa, then three years later she sends a letter saying, “oh, I lied, I have a son, and can he come over and live here too, please?” and they said “sure! no problem!” and fined her a measly $350 for lying. but if she hadn’t lied then they’d both still be in Africa, so what’s the moral of the story?

anyway the prosecutor was so mean to Bronwyn. he came over to talk to Julie, her lawyer, and said, “there’s no question she has to serve time, shall we say about 3-6 months?” then in his statement to the judge he said 5-8 months! what a filthy scumbag liar! and he said “the need for a general deterrent should override any personal considerations in this case,” or something to that effect. what a meanie. personal consideration being that she couldn’t have survived otherwise?

so we’re all hanging off the edges of our seats expecting the worst, and the judge says, “I need a report from the so&so corrections board as to whether or not they think you should serve time, come back on the 18th of August with it.” !! well! she’d already prepared to go to the watch-house then and there, so doesn’t have anywhere to live until August 18th and no job or car anymore! I guess she’ll stay with her daughters.

I went straight to uni after that to my first lecture of the semester, which was myth and ritual. i’d say about two thirds the students in that class are American. their accents and nasal twangs grated on my ears the whole time.
yes, all Americans have nasal twangs.
I asked the one next to me why there were so many and he said, “oh we all just came over together,” gesturing to a huge chunk of them.

that was the only class I had, because the first week is just lectures for overviews and signing up for tutorials so there can’t be any tutorials yet because no one has any yet, yaknow? tutorials are the real classes, they’re when you sit around in cosy little groups and discuss the lectures and actually learn stuff rather than letting it drone over your sleepy head.