okay, so I was a little off when I said uni starts in a week. it starts on Monday, which is two days away! yay! two days! upon realising this today, I sorted out my timetable. they give a lot less choice for tutorials second and third year, which is probably because everyone drops out during their first year. a sobering thought, yes? i’m more determined than ever to finish.

I told my moth-er today I don’t like her when she’s drunk and she cried very hurtly. that night I was unnecessarily cruel to her and when I apologised 5 minutes later she replied “I know you get angry with me sometimes…” ar! it’s very exasperating; I imagine she’s purposely misunderstanding me.

I watched the Little Women movie, and gosh, it was bad. I always like Winona Ryder, but even she was bad. I turned it off halfway through and! Stargate movie was on! so watched that instead.