gosh, i’ve such a headache. i’ll go to bed early again today, but I bought Little Women by louisa may alcott on a whim so will read that. some of it.

Vincent got evicted! yay!

today I dragged my mother to the sushi train (she won’t eat sushi for some strange reason), and we saw Bruce Almighty. the theatre lady ignored my request for water and called the next person up, so I asked again. she said “oh you wanted water. sorry, unless you talk to me directly I won’t hear it.”
I said “I don’t know who else I would’ve been talking to.” but she ignored me again and overcharged me and gave me the wrong ticket.

I haven’t mentioned it for a long time, but my dizziness hasn’t abated at all. it’s been much longer than 6weeks. I hope it goes away one day.