double half infuriated

server’s still down, i’m half infuriated; good thing I don’t care. ph.

so my stupid experiment lecturer is really stupid. he published the schedule and then only this week realised that one of the tutorial sessions clashed with yesterday’s lecture, a core subject. so had to change everything, and oh yeah, cram the tutorial and practical into one three hour long block. it’s impossible to fit a three hour long block anywhere, let alone after everyone’s already signed up for half their tutorials and can’t rearrange them to fit. what a big fat stupid.

so now I have to go on friday mornings as well. ugh.

but! the good thing is he said stats comprises only a very small part of this course, and we thought it’d be more than half, and ANOVA is the only formula we’ll be using. yay! ’cause the hardest part of stats is figuring out which of the millions of formulae to apply, so without that it will be unhard.

last night I lent Roger my Kodak to take pictures of his car so he can sell it, and showed him how to use it. then today Trina rang me saying, “it’s broken. all he did was charge the batteries and put them back in and now it won’t turn on.”
I said, “whatever” and hung up, or something like that.
then she called back later and said, “we got it working. the camera isn’t broken, the charger is. it didn’t charge the batteries.”
I said, “if it didn’t charge the batteries, how did you get the camera working?”
she said, “well it charged the batteries the second time, the first time the charging light didn’t come on.”
I said, “so the charger isn’t broken, he just didn’t put the batteries in right.”
then she invited them over to our place for dinner so I can show them how to download the pictures. I don’t want to show them, I want to do it myself and send them the pictures, so they can then never borrow my camera again. I find it difficult to be civil to Roger anymore. he has a square little head.