didn’t have Ronnie today ’cause Trina had the day off, or something. or Roger did, or something. I went shopping with Sarah and she spent $100 on the ugliest pair of pants i’ve ever seen. she was wearing a very strange huge white belt she got in New Zealand and was saying “everyone’s looking at my belt. someone’ll come up and ask me where I got it, just watch, and i’ll be like ‘New Zealand, actually, you can’t get it here’ (in a posh voice). because fashion victims know all the new stuff out here. they’ll all rush around trying to find it.”

I came home and watched Eat Carpet which i’d taped the night before ’cause I was too tired to sit up and watch it. oh! before that I took some valium. i’d been keeping them for experimentation purposes, i’d never tried it before. I was on a boring film and I suddenly noticed an intense feeling of lethargy. so I shut it off and got up. wow! getting up has never been so difficult. then I moved as if I had no skeleton, and in slow motion. my eyes heavy lidded. I wandered around a bit and then! I suddenly wanted to eat heaps of stuff. so I did. 🙂

it wore off very quickly, and everyone was out so I started drinking. I didn’t mean to get very drunk, but I did. it was a very happy drunk though and I went into about 8 chatrooms at once on mirc for the first time in 10years. but I didn’t notice quite how drunk I was until I had to lie down and vomit and fall asleep and wake up to vomit again. I was too drunk to feed the animals or write a day entry so I left it ’til this morning, and I feel quite bad and sick, now. people are making breakfast and it smells like I want to puke again. ew. food.

now matter how often I drink I just can’t figure out my limit. it’s embarrassing. not that anyone knows I did..