i’m going to grow up insane


I went to bed very late, and then couldn’t sleep in because everyone was up and seemingly screaming at the top of their collective lungs right outside my door. i’ve been forgetting my birth control pills because i’ve stopped taking my others, so I took three today. I am high on estrogen. haha.

Stewart called and wanted more changes to tritonpalace. “last time, I promise.” so I did those, then he emailed me saying “oh, just one last thing, maybe.. please make an additional 50,000 animated menus.” he didnt say that, of course, but that’s what it meant. I don’t think he realised what an atrocious job it would be. I emailed him back saying “no,” but in three paragraphs.

then I cleaned like mad, outside and in. then I think I fainted, because I sat up on the floor. I do sometimes but it’s just from low blood pressure. I am praying mantis mad tonight, so can’t think. it is good. thinking can come tomorrow, including reasons, nighnigh.