job interviews

got the stats project results back! 70-something. and if my horrid group hadn’t turned it in before i’d finished it !! $@#*rwoudflh rrrr.
my exam results are published on the 14th. and two days after that? it’s the show it’s the show it’s the show show show. yay! I love the show.

places I applied for jobs have been contacting me, so i’ve said i’ll go to interviews on Tuesday for two. one for a touristy travel agent type place, and the one I made the portfolio for. I also have an orthodontist appointment on Tuesday… and luckily! mumm isn’t working that day so she can drive me everywhere.

today I sat around eating cheezles watching videos with Sarah. I walked the dogs in the rain! I am dedicated! and I took some pictures, one of which was the promised toe socks! well, toe tights, actually. yayX2003!